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In this balance sheet, the assets are larger than its liabilities, which means that there is a larger buffer of ‘shareholder equity’ (shown on the right).Shareholder equity is simply the gap between total assets and total liabilities that are owed to non-shareholders. In the situation shown above, the shareholder equity is positive, and the bank is solvent (its assets are greater than its liabilities).In what follows it will help to have an understanding of how banks make loans and the differences between the type of money created by the central bank, and money created by commercial (or ‘high-street’) banks.

Equivalently, an asset's market liquidity (or simply "an asset's liquidity") describes the asset's ability to sell quickly without having to reduce its price to a significant degree.

But central clearing will only make the financial system safer if CCPs themselves are run safely.

Efforts to set heightened expectations for CCPs and other financial market infrastructures have been ongoing for years, with the regulatory community working collectively to clarify and significantly raise expectations.

Borrowers typically face higher loan costs and collateral requirements, compared to periods of ample liquidity, and unsecured debt is nearly impossible to obtain.

Typically, during a liquidity crisis, the interbank lending market does not function smoothly either.

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