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Let me say, unequivocally, that I despise this commercial more than any piece of advertising I've ever encountered.According to the information accompanying the You Tube video, the ad was created by the Burns Group, an agency known as such a conspicuous arbiter of good taste that its other clients include Fruity-Cocoa Pebbles, Beck's Beer and Hebrew National hot dogs.Read the article I began by asking Dr Eve how she defines sensuality.“Sensuality is being completely in the moment and being aware of the possession of touch, sound, visual, and all the various sense components,” she stated.

“There’s surprise and unpredictability, it’s a step outside your ‘responsible’ sexuality, and it can be empowering.” Read the article Read my contributions and comments on Style Caster: “I’ve seen people move from secrecy, silence, and shame into an open, cool, and trendy attitude toward sex toys of all kinds, from dildos to anal beads,” says clinical sexologist Marlene Wasserman, DHS.On the other is a nonviolent grassroots campaign determined to reshape our power supply to operate in harmony with nature, to serve the communities and individuals who consume and increasingly produce that energy, and to build the foundation of a sustainable eco-democracy.The modern war over America’s energy began in the 1880s, when Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla clashed over the nature of America’s new electric utility business.Fellow opera-goers, I ask you: is this not the lamest, most odious commercial ever aired?If any of you are like me, the appearance of this ad must also prompt your family and friends to burst into laughter at the conspicuous rising of your blood pressure, that pulsing vein in your neck, your violent clenching of the chair arms, followed by obscene gesturing at the television and an apoplectic descent into the nadirs of the English vocabulary.

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“I buy into the research that sexting is the ultimate high for exhibitionists and voyeurs,” Dr.

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