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I think my only reasoning with this name was that he seemed like the kind of guy who would insist on being called "Matthew" and not "Matt"--much as he often calls Dave "David" on the show. I think after we cast Rogan, he was "Ted" for a day or two of rehearsal, and then we just decided "Joe" was easier.

Note: Ray Romano was originally slated to play the "Electrician" character, but both Romano and the show producers felt that he was not a good fit for the show.Note: Neither Joe Rogan nor Khandi Alexander appear in the pilot.Greg Lee's "Rick" character is similar to Rogan's "Joe" character, and Ella Joyce plays "Catherine". The owner of WNYX, Jimmy James, is an eccentric billionaire who loves to meddle in the affairs of the staff.Dave Nelson, station manager for most of 's run, is the calm focal point for the station.

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