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Then came another blow, the actress’s father was ailing and on his death bed.It was then he made a last wish to see his little girl married.

The couple may today be having a good run with 23 years of marriage but they too have faced a lot of ups and downs in this long span of companionship.The superstar went forward to hug Kajol and that pretty much stole the show and made us wish they were dating in real life.That’s a hope we have had since DDLJ though (insert sad smiley here)!The movie released on Diwali, which is considered very lucky for him, the actor denied being superstitious about it, but we cannot deny the fact that all his movies that have released on Diwali in the last 20 years have been blockbuster hits.which is still running in the theatres too had released on Diwali, 20 years ago, proving the connection of Diwali's auspiciousness to Shahrukh Khan.

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  1. So now I’m going to pick through her whole stupid article and say why people should absolutely date modern military veterans. Among many invaluable qualities instilled in me by the Marine Corps, empathy is one that I value most.